Pour la guerison physique d'une humanite souffrante)

L'Hopital Le Bon Samaritain is located in Limbe, a small village in northern Haiti. For years, the hospital was operated by Dr. William Hodges, an American missionary. Since Dr. Hodges death in 1995, his wife Joanna and his family continue Dr. Hodges' works.

Unfortunately, the hospital's two operating rooms go unused most of the time unless visiting surgical teams make use of them. Over the years, fixed operating room equipment has been acquired and donated by visiting teams - providing the hospital with a reasonable supply of basic operating room equipment. Surgical supplies used on a daily basis are acquired and donated by the visiting team. This photo shows the L'Hopital Le Bon Samaratain courtyard outside of the operating rooms where patients await their surgery.

If you wish to contact the Hopital le Bon Samaritain (HBS) Foundation directly you can do so:


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